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Friday, October 9, 2015

Bienvenidos! / Welcome!

Welcome to my blog all about Elementary Spanish at Baker! My goal is to use this space to share what we have been working on in Spanish class and to post links to websites and materials for enrichment at home.  I'll include lots of links from Spanish vocabulary to google translate, where you can see definitions of words as well as hear pronunciations, if you are not a Spanish speaker yourself.

Here is a brief summary of how we have spent our first 6 weeks in Spanish class.  You can check grade specific posts to read more detailed information about your child's Spanish class.

In all grades, we start the year getting to know each other. This is standard September/October stuff--we just do it in Spanish. A few things that all students have been working on:

* Saying hello and goodbye

* Telling their names and ages

* Telling how they feel

* Telling the weather and the date

For 3rd graders, this is a quick review before we move on to other things; for the younger students we practice these things throughout September and October, gradually increasing vocabulary and students level of conversation with each other as they move up through the grades. We also practice following rules and directions in Spanish, which is important for getting us off to a good start together for the year.

Our most important directions in Spanish are shown below, with a graphic as a reminder of the definition. Can your child tell you what each means, and why it is important?

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