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Thursday, October 15, 2015

2nd Grade: Our First 6 Weeks

It has been such a pleasure to be with the 2nd graders in Spanish class this year!

Throughout the months of September and October, we have been getting to know each other by sharing our datos personales (personal information) in Spanish.  Much of this is review, and we have been having fun playing games and singing songs to get our brains back in Spanish mode for the new school year.  This review has also been helpful for the students in our class who are new to Baker and Spanish this year, and everyone is settling in nicely.  

Last week we completed a "Todo Sobre Mi" (All About Me) mini poster.  You should have seen this come home in your child's folder at the end of last week.  These are much like  the "star student" posters that many children have done in their classrooms in the past, but in Spanish.  These mini posters tell a lot about each student in our class.  On their mini posters, they are sharing information like their name, age, birthday, residence, their favorite color, and the different emotions that we feel.  

Before students brought their mini poster home to share with family and friends, they had the opportunity to share with their classmates in a casual presentation about themselves. Classroom teachers were so impressed by the students' work, that they have decided to hang them up in the hallway!  Check them out! 

Here are a few statements from their mini posters that you can expect to see and hear your children share with you.  (Hint: click on each link for a translation/pronunciation.)

Mi nombre es _____.

Vivo en _____.

Tengo ___ años.

Mi cumpleaños es el ___ (#) de ____ (month).

Mi color favorito es ____.

Estoy ____ (feeling).

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